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I have had lots of people ask me who I have had raffle prizes donated from so I have put together this directory of successful prizes I have collected in the past. I would recommend reading my How to Get Raffle Prize Donations page first as this includes lots of tips about what to say, who to speak with and how to approach them. You only get 1 shot at asking each place and after years of practice I have worked out the most effective techniques.

Note that a lot of companies will not donate without something official on letterhead from the charity you are raising money for. So ask your charity before you start to send you a headed letter which you can include with your ‘asking’ email or letter. I think it adds weighting to your request and will also save you time later down the line.

Build-a-Bear – £10 voucher
Fill out an online enquiry – http://www.buildabear.co.uk/aboutus/community/donations.aspx

London Eye – Ride for all the family on the Eye
Fill out an online enquiry – http://www.londoneye.com/AboutUs/CorporateResponsibility/CharityRequests/Default.aspx

WHSmiths £25 Voucher
Go into your local store and ask to speak to the manager. Have a letter with you as they will likely need something in writing to donate. If the manager is not there you can ask them to pass the letter on to them.

Personal Trainer – 6 x personal training sessions and £60 voucher
Look in your local directory or google ‘personal trainer [location]’

Dominos – £40 Voucher
Just contact your local store with a phone call

Wagamama – £30 Voucher
Fill out an online enquiry –http://www.wagamama.com/contact-us

Local Fish & Chip Shop – 2 x £20 Voucher
I’ve always had great success with my local fish and chip shop just through sending an email or making a call

Hairdressers – Voucher for a haircut and a selection of beauty creams
I haven’t had great success with hairdressers but found a local independent one that donated. If you go reguarly to the same hairdressers ask when you are next in.

The Real Greek – £25 Voucher
Find your local branch email address – http://www.therealgreek.com/contact

Animal – Holdall Bag
Email – [email protected]

Eurostar – Monthly draw for a donation, just send an email to the address below
Email your name, event details and charity details  – [email protected]

Football Club – 4 x tickets to a game and free lessons
Contacted my local club with a phone call…very generous (also offered use of their venue free for an event)

Next – £20 voucher
Email – [email protected]

Toys r us – £50 worth of toys
Email [email protected]

Argos – Choose £50 worth of shopping for the event
Go into your local store and ask to speak to the manager. Have a letter with you as they will likely need something in writing to donate. If the manager is not there you can ask them to pass the letter on to them.

National London Ballet – 2 x tickets to a show
Email – [email protected]

Tattoo Artist – 3 x Free Tattoo
I imagine Tattoo artists don’t get asked for donations often! Contact your local tattoo shops with a call or email

Professional photographer – Family photo shoot
Look for photographers and studios in your local area and send them an email.

Wilkinsons-£30 Voucher
Go into your local store and ask to speak to the manager. Have a letter with you as they will likely need something in writing to donate. If the manager is not there you can ask them to pass the letter on to them.

MUJI  – Selection of Muji Products
Write a letter (note they have a yearly cap on donations and this gets filled fast so sending a letter in the beggining of the financial year is a good idea) -8-12 Leeke Street, London, WC1X 9HT

Dorothy Perkins -£20 Voucher
Send a letter to – Arcadia Group Ltd, Colegrave House, 70 Berners Street, London, W1T 3NL

Brittany Ferries – £150 Brittany Ferries Voucher
Send a letter to – Customer Services, Brittany Ferries, Millbay, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 3EW

Disney – Selection of Disney goods
Send a letter (remember to include charity contact details and charity number…best to do with an official charity letterhead) to – Corporate Community Affairs, The Walt Disney Company Ltd., Attn: Donation Requests, 3 Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith, London, W6 9PE

Ikea – £100 voucher
Send a letter to – IKEA Ltd, Customer Relations, Kingston Park, Peterborough, PE2 9ET

McDonalds – Meal Vouchers
Fill out an online enquiry –  http://www.mcdonalds.co.uk/ukhome/Contact-us.html

Sea Life London Aquarium – Entry for a family of 4
Note: only donates to local schools and charities so check to see if your charity is near to an aquarium. For London based charities send a letter to – SEA LIFE London Aquarium, Riverside Building, County Hall,Westminster Bridge Road

Thorpe Park – 2 Entry Tickets
Note: Only support local schools and charities, if local send to – Fundraising requests, Thorpe Park, Staines Road, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 8PN London SE1 7PB

Universal Music Operations – Selection of CDs
Send a letter to – Lisa Dorrington, Customer Services Advisor, Universal Music Operations, Chippenham Drive, Kingston, Milton Keynes, MK10 0AT

Sainsburys – £30 to spend in store
Go into your local store and ask to speak to the manager. Have a letter with you as they will likely need something in writing to donate. If the manager is not there you can ask them to pass the letter on to them.

Psychic – A psychic reading
Contact local psychics working in your area, send them an email.

Massage – 2 x Full body massage
I’ve never had luck with big chains or spas, search for local people who run their own massage business and drop them an email.

Tesco – £20 to spend in store
Go into your local store and ask to speak to the manager. Have a letter with you as they will likely need something in writing to donate. If the manager is not there you can ask them to pass the letter on to them.

Kettles Crisps – 50 large sharing bags of Kettle Crisps (snacks during our quiz)
Fill out an online enquiry –  http://www.kettlefoods.co.uk/talk-to-us/have-your-say

TGI Fridays – £25 Voucher
Fill out an online enquiry (choose general enquiry form) – https://www.tgifridays.co.uk/contact-us

Yo Sushi – £50 Voucher
Email – [email protected]

Jellybelly’s – Hamper of Jellybelly’s
Email – [email protected]

Photograph – 2 x framed photographs and 2 x canvas photographs
Look for local photographers in your area and send them an email (make sure they take art photos rather than wedding photographers).

McVities – 50 bags of mini biscuits (for snacks during our quiz)
Fill out an online enquiry – http://www.unitedbiscuits.com/contact.php

Life Coach – 6 x life coach sessions
Contact local Life Coaches working in your area, send them an email.

Kayaking – 3 x Kayaking or Paddle boarding sessions
Contact any nearby watersports organisations (Kayaking, Canoeing, Rowing, Sailing, Scuba Diving, etc), send them an email.

YOGA – 12 x Yoga sessions & a Yoga Mat
Search for yoga teachers or clubs operating in your area. It doesn’t cost them much to have an extra person in their class so I found them to be very keen. Send them an email.

Pub – 3 x Voucher to spend in pubs
I’ve had donations from both independent and chain pubs so try contacting any in the area. They may also be willing to give you a venue if you need one for your event!

Furniture – Custom made stool
Donated by a local furniture maker – I saw him at a craft fair and approached him afterwards

(NEW) Children’s Photographer – Underwater photo session and prints
A local children’s pool who offer underwater photographer sessions donated this item. It’s a great prize to include in a raffle if you know there will be lots of families at the event

(NEW) Car Wash Vouchers – 3 vouchers for a full car valet clean, inside and out. I couldn’t find an email address for my local car wash company so I gave them a call. The manager was very friendly and sent me 3 vouchers for my raffle.

(NEW) Language Lessons – 4 hours of group lessons in a language of your choice. I sent an email to a language school who offers evening and day time language lessons.

*Please note, as the Free Wealth grows in popularity it will become less likely that the above companies will donate as they will be receiving a high number of requests. It is best to use this directory as a creative tool to help you think of new and unusual avenues that you haven’t considered exploring yet.

32 Responses

  1. Alix says:

    Hi. I have just started working for a smallish charity myself after years of wanting to get into fundraising professionally. You’ve just cut the morning I was going to spend on hunting down raffle tickets in two so thank you so much for that.

    Although Argos passed me to about 3 different people before putting me through to an answering machine which said no. Nice.

    Anyway, glad I stumbled across this blog. I shall be keeping an eye on it so please post some more great advice 🙂

    • Bex says:

      Thanks for your comment Alix…I’m really pleased to hear my blog is helping you hunt down prizes.
      Well done on your new job in the charity sector and good luck with the donations!
      Bex x

  2. Jenny says:

    Fab links, thank you so much. It is difficult getting rejected, especially when you know you are doing something for someone else. So it is nice to see where donations may come from to help feel positive about fundraising.

    Just to add, some of the businesses require notice 90 days from Toys R Us, few weeks from Build A Bear.

    Try Krispy Kremes too although they offer the glazed doughnuts at a reduced price to be sold on for profit. May not suit everyone.

    Thanks again!

    • Bex says:

      Thanks for the tips Jenny!

      It is hard getting rejections, but getting that 1 yes makes it all worth it. Keep up the good work 🙂

      Bex x

  3. Ashleigh Jameson says:

    Great tips, i’ve gotten some great raffle prize donations after using this directory to use during my fundraiser for a voluntary year in rural Malaysia with charity project trust. Thankyou!!!

    • Bex says:

      Thanks Ashleigh. It sounds like you are fundraising for a great cause. Good luck with the rest of your fundraising and volunteering.
      Bex 🙂

  4. nikki says:

    Thanks for the list. Given me soo many more ideas. So far i have only had rejection emails 🙁
    kettle crisps replied with this response though:
    We  concentrate on our immediate local area, primarily on projects involving disadvantaged families and children, or local cancer charities, and hospices.

    • Bex says:

      It can be frustration…you’ve just got to be persistent and keep trying. I can literally send 100 emails and only get 1 positive response.

      Keep at it ans good luck!

  5. Kirsty Frost says:

    Just as an update I got a response back from the london Ballet within minutes of sending over me email and they dont help out with any of these requests anymore 🙁

  6. Kate Harris says:

    I’m 16 and did some fundraising for the Alzheimer’s Society last year. I emailed about 100 companies in total, both local and national, and in total received no donations from the emails. However, I found that going into the shop/location with a letter and asking worked very well – doing this, I received donations from W H Smith, Hollywood Bowl and from smaller businesses, a £30 voucher from a local hairdresser and a free massage in a local spa, along with many more prizes.

    When I went to Argos, the staff on the desk were quite rude in refusing donations. Many of the large businesses (Marks and Spencer, Next, The Perfume Shop etc.) said that they each had their own charities and so would not donate. Krispy Kreme said that they do not participate in any form of charity donation or sponsorship, but did sent an offer to purchase donuts cheaply and make a £24 profit. Odeon requested a letter to be sent to the general manager of the local cinema, who then refused to donate, which was irritating. Barburrito also offered to donate a meal for 2, but required a letter of authorisation from the charity, which we could never get sadly.

    The companies which said no were:
    Marks and Spencer, Argos, Krispy Kreme, The Perfume Shop, Jack Wills, Office, Odeon, John Lewis, Zizzi, JD Sports, Monsoon, Paul Smith, McDonalds, Frankie and Benny’s, Dominoes, Toni and Guy

    There were many, many more who just never responded too, including Frankie and Benny’s, who promised a response, be it yes or no, within 2 days, and still almost a year later haven’t responded.

    The first day I went looking for donations, the first 15 or so shops I went in said no straight away without even considering, and it’s very easy to get irritated but it’s worth carrying on!
    We went on to raise just over £1000 for our charity in about 6 months which was wonderful.

    • Bex says:

      Hi Kate

      Thanks so much for the advice! It’s great to see someone so young already fundraising for a great cause.
      It sounds like you have experienced what many other fundraisers have. Good job with sticking with it and proving to us all that it can be done.

      Bex x

  7. Thank you so much for the charity information it really got me started and moving in a positive direction 🙂 I’m yet to hear back from anyone but it has given me the push i needed and lots more ideas of where to go to next.
    Thanks 🙂

  8. sal h says:

    Hi Bex and thanks for the post,
    Iv just come across your it whilst searching online for places to contact for donations- we have organised a family fun day and bbq for all our staff and their families from across the UK, they will be coming together to participate in a Hunger Games styled fun day as part of a national charity drive in aid of Vision Aid Overseas! This is a charity close to our heart (we are a group of independent opticians). Fortunately i have stumbled across your post at a good time as Im compiling a list places to contact nationally to see if anyone is willing to donate prizes for the raffle that we will be holding and possibly to hold an auction with also if we get enough good quality items donated. Based on the comments here I don’t know what to expect in response back-but I’m gonna try and stay optomistic! Our Head office are paying for 100% of the costs incurred to organise the event and bbq so I’m hoping to get a decent amount of positive responses back for prize donations- I really Im hoping we raise more than the amount HeadOffice are paying otherwise it will seem was just a better idea to not hold the event and donate the saved amount to the charity!
    wish me luck guys here goes!

    • Bex says:

      Good Luck Sal…it sounds like you are raising funds for a good cause. Do lots of research for more unusual companies – not just the ones that are on my list. You are much less likely to get a donation from companies that are contacted lots. Make sure you set your prices high at the event to make sure you raise lots. In my experience people will pay out once they are at the event. And make sure you ask all the people involved if they know anyone who can donate a prize – personal contacts are always the easiest way!
      Best of luck!!!
      Bex 🙂

  9. kelly maskell says:

    Thankyou for this interesting info. 6yrs ago when I began running events I was inundated with free items for prizes, now I struggle to get anything and so am going to give this a go for my next event and see what I can get a hold of! Many thanks!! P.s for anyone reading, another good place to try is children’s media companies, look on the back of modern kids dvds or at the end of programmes for details, hit entertainment, producer of bob the builder and others have always donated boxes of items to our events, thru di t get et approached often!!

  10. Kate Woolford says:

    Hi, great info and thanks for taking the time and energy in providing it.
    However, my issue is that I am a single parent, my daughter has Cerebral Palsy and other special needs.
    Im trying raise money to get my child a specialist Hand propelled trike.

    Seeing as though we are not a registered charity, just an individual case we do not have any headed paper or charity number etc…

    Is this something which is likely to stop us getting any support?


    • Bex says:

      Hi Kate. Thanks for leaving a comment. I have not had experience of raising money for a personal cause like this so it’s hard to say how people will respond. I definitely think you should give it a go though, especially trying local small organisations. It is certainly a worthy cause and I think you might be surprised by how positively people respond!
      Have you considered setting up a crowdfunding page as well and asking friends and family to share it on social media? This is becoming a very popular way of raising money for one off needs such as the hand propelled trike for your daughter. Alternatively, organising an event with the aim of raising a set amount could really appeal to people.
      Let me know if you have any more questions and how you get on.
      Good luck! Bex x

  11. Jane says:


    I have organised a number if events with a raffle, and the number if rejections always outweigh the. Offers of help. Don’t give up. I have had good experiences with small businesses in my local area. Morrisons always donate something when I am fundraising. The body shop had a range of prizes set aside for people who made enquiries. Costa coffee also made a donation, I just had to speak to the manager. Boots always give a selection if free gifts from perfume and makeup but they need a letter from the charity or correspondence.

    I have had no luck with Tesco, Asda, debenhams, next, monsoon, m&s.

    Hope that helps

  12. luiza says:

    Hi All, I recently started a business (for profit) and wanted to do a raffle. I reached out to about 40 local businesses, I got about 5 donations. I told them I would announce that the prize was from their store, and could give a flyer, or business cards to the winner, and have it at our registration table.
    Companies that donated were: makeup appointment, hair appointment, photo shoot, restaurant, and handmade items (etsy store)

  13. Anna-Leigh says:

    Do you think this would work well for a library – asking local businesses to donate for a library event?

    • Bex says:

      Hi Anna
      You could certainly try! Try and think about organisations that might be interested in supporting your cause – maybe children focused places or school stationary suppliers. Are there any suppliers that you use directly? I’d also try contacting some local authors…I’m sure they’d be happy to send a signed book your way!
      Good luck 🙂
      p.s. sorry for the delay!

  14. Katie Arman says:

    I just wanted to say that your website has been a great help, I am raising money for my elective nursing placement in Ghana and I have contacted everyone that you have suggested and lots of local companies, I am just waiting for responses.
    Many thanks 🙂 Katie.

    • Bex says:

      Thanks so much Katie!! What an exciting thing to fundraise for.
      Wishing you all the best – I hope you get a good response 🙂

  15. Angela says:

    Hi thank you for your advice on finding raffle prizes, I read it and started off emailing local businesses and got a response within thirty minutes from my local football club “STAGS ” who donated 2 match day tickets, brilliant start for my Cancer UK raffle prize. Thank you again

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